Aqua Dry 28

dehumidifierPURE SYSTEM 3

A triple filtering system that combines carbon filter (which
eliminates bad odours and inactivates any harmful gases)
HEPA filter (traps particles that are a few micron in diameter)
photocatalytic filter (which sterilizes the air by eliminating a high percentage of bacteria and viruses).

Electronic multifunction panel which can be used to set the desired humidity level and start the Heating function.
Aquaria Thermo also has a backlit liquid crystal display which can be used to display room temperature and humidity level.

Dehumidification capacity: 28l/24h*
Tank capacity: 3,5 l
Digital controls
LCD Display
Full tank alarm
Continuous operation with hose
Electronic defrosting device
Concealed tank with push-pull panel
Water tank with handle to easy transport and discharge
Visible water level
Cable winder
Dehumidifiable volume: 240 m3

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