A family owned business originated in early 1990 trading as a sole proprietor specializing in research/development and consulting engineering for various clients.


Alliance Alaskan

secco prof 28

In 1994 we formally established FOUR IMPORTERS cc with SPLENDIDAIR as one of our trademarks.
SPLENDIDAIR is accredited installers for all the known brands of airconditioning including Samsung, LG, Panasonic, Daikin.
We sell, install, repair, service and maintain all brands.

SPLENDIDAIR also imports a range of airconditioners, portable airconditioners, dehumidifiers, humidifiers and air purifiers from OLIMPIA SPLENDID ITALY.
The range having the highest level of quality, technology, efficiency, design including being environmentally friendly.

The OLIMPIA SPLENDID range of airconditioners includes the very unique UNICO unit, an airconditioner without an outdoor unit.
This is particularly useful in high-rise buildings, flats and townhouse complexes, where often outdoor airconditioner units are not allowed and space is limited.

The OLIMPIA SPLENDID range of dehumidifiers (dehumidifiers remove moisture from the air) includes Aquaria Slim, Aqua Dry 28 and Secco Prof 38.
These are client friendly and easy to use, as is the AQUA SPA humidifier (humidifiers put moisture back into the air).

The OLIMPIA SPLENDID AURA AIR PURIFIER is one of the best with its true hepa filters including a 5 stage purifying filter process, silver nano technology being one of the processes.